Unslotted Diaphragm Clamping Chucks

  • Topfmembran-Spannfutter Zeichnung
  • Unslotted Diaphragm Clamping Chucks
    Clamping principles for customized Clamping Chucks


    • For clamping diameters from 20 mm to 250 mm
    • True running accuracy ≤ 0,01 mm
    • Maximum repeating accuracy ≤ 0,003 mm
    • Permissible component tolerance up to IT7
    • Short clamping length
    • Extended insertion depth
    • Pull-back
    • Virtually wear-free due to elastic deformation during the clamping process. Thus guarantees very long service life
    • Clamping with intrinsic spring force is also possible
    • Maximum possible rigidity of the entire machine-tool/clamping-fixture system due to the short clamping fixture length
    • Suitable especially for gear wheel clamping in pitch line
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